True Vine Press is an indie publisher that publishes books that are Christ centered and/or inspirational. The goal of the publication company is to promote Christ through fictional works.  The founder believes in their tagline of ‘Be inspired by words’.  Each book created on this imprint desires to promote a stronger love of God, self, and family.

We want each book to show you the love, joy, and peace that can be found through understanding the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us.  Psalms 30:5 – Happiness is fleeting but joy lasts always.


Hello Everyone! I am Sharronne McNeil. I am a Christian/Inspirational writer and founder of True Vine Press. Currently, I have two works published: Cora and I Dreamt of Love- Poetry Collection. Since a child, I loved to write and my passion has continued through my current writings. My favorite form of writing is poetry. I write poetry almost daily. 

My works fall under the genre of Urban Christian fiction. I like to tackle issues that show the true transformation power of a developing a relationship with God. Some of my stories are not easy to read about but I always want to show in the story that God’s love and salvation can change things.

I started a True Vine Press to give a voice to authors that wanted to write about God in conventional and non-conventional ways. The only caveat is that every story that uses scriptures or talks about God has to line up with premises and precepts of the Bible. True Vine Press currently have four Christian authors on our roster: Sharronne McNeil, Frank Chatmon, J. Stewart, and M. Katherine Allen. Additionally, we have two inspirational based writers: Sandra Mayer and Starr.

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You can find me on social media at the following places and I would love to hear from you. I plan to grow my author roster. True Vine Press will start taking author submissions in May 2019.

Additionally, we plan to expand our social media presence. I am always looking for beta readers. If you are interested please email me directly. If you would like to contact the other authors, please send a message through True Vine Press Instagram or email. 

True Vine Press has a lot of work coming out in Fall 2018 and early 2019

  • Give Me a Reason to Love-Starr
  • Brotherly Love– Sharonne McNeil
  • The Day God Spoke to Me– Jamie Stewart
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